Major surgeries often require a heavy dosage of pain-relieving medication, this pain usually subsides within 3 months. In some cases, pain can extend for prolonged periods of time. It is important when taking medication for prolonged periods for your consultant to design a pain management plan that is safe and effective, and you may have various medical problems that make some drugs not suitable for you. The goal of treatment is to achieve the best results with as few detrimental effects as possible. Chronic ongoing nerve pain resulting from simple surgeries such as hernia operations or major surgeries such as mastectomiesor amputations can be treated by opioids short-term, however it is not suitable for long-term pain problems.

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Dr. Mubarak being specialized doctor for post-surgery pain management understands that every case is different and formulates a customized pain management plan. If you are looking for best and most reliable treatment for post-surgery pain in Dublin and Galway you can reach out to Dr. Mubarak and she would be happy to help you with the same.

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