Why is PRP Treatment So Expensive?

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Plasma is a component of your blood that has special proteins. This plasma when isolated and boosted with some special factors creates a substance called Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP. When PRP is injected into the affected area, it is known to promote cell growth, repair tissues and heal the condition effectively. This process is called PRP Treatment. PRP Treatment is used to treat or expedite healing various issues today, such as osteoarthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia-related muscle pain, tendinitis, rotator cuff pain, post-surgical repair, sports injuries and even aesthetical issues like pigmentation and hair loss in a big way.

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A typical PRP Treatment injection includes the following process:

  • A sample of your blood will be drawn by a healthcare professional. The amount of blood required depends on the area to be treated
  • This blood is then centrifuged causing a separation of plasma from the blood
  • This separated plasma is then concentrated with required boosters and an injection is prepared
  • The doctor will then use imaging techniques such as ultrasound, to identify specific areas where the PRP is to be injected and proceed

This whole process usually takes around one hour. This procedure has to be strictly administered by and under the guidance of a PRP treatment specialist.

If PRP treatment is being done for healing an injury, you may have to rest the affected area; however, if the treatment is done for other issues, mostly you will be able to resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment. Since PRP treatment is focused on promoting healing or expediting growth, you may not notice an immediate difference after receiving the treatment. However, in several weeks, the results will be seen and they will be much better than what you would have expected. These results are also much more sustainable than other treatments. The results last for 9 months to a year minimum depending on the severity of the problem treated.

The cost for PRP Treatment usually lies in the range of EURO 500 to EURO 2000. The cost varies based on location, facilities, and the expertise of the doctor performing the treatment, the number of sittings you may need, etc.

When it comes to traditional methods of treatment like physiotherapy and steroids, you may see little to no success. Also, these treatments are very time consuming thereby increasing your agony and eventually will cost the same as PRP or even more. Surgery being an invasive procedure is very aggressive and will be expensive; also the recovery time will be much longer than PRP. In addition to this, the results from these treatments are also short-lived and you will soon have to repeat them.

Therefore, when it comes to modern-day methods of treating chronic pain or aesthetical issues, PRP treatment is increasingly becoming very popular for its regenerative and sustainable results. While it may seem heavy on your pockets, eventually the results you get and how long they last will make you vouch for PRP treatment over any other alternative available. I’ve been giving PRP treatments to many of my patients for various ailments and they vouch for it. It truly gives you the wonderful results you deserve.

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